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Inside this lovely blue suitcase decorated with flowers inside and out, you will find a pair of fingerless gloves, a neck warmer, a lavender bag and a keyring. 

The fingerless gloves double up as wrist warmers. Both the gloves and neck warmer are lined with cotton for softness and extra comfort.

This would make a lovely present for special occasions like Mothers day, birthday or Christmas.


Product description 

Gloves with matching neck warmer in 3 shades of blue, light grey lining with dark grey stars 

material: upcycled 100% wool

lining: brand new cotton jersey

Lavender bag in white and grey, faire isle pattern

material: upcycled 100% wool

Keyring in blue

material: 100% cotton, knotted


Unique items, all handmade in Devon

Blue set of gloves, neck warmer, lavender bag and keyring

  • Gloves and neck warmers  can be washed in the washing machine on wool wash. Please hang dry, do NOT tumble dry. 

    Lavender bag and keyring can NOT be washed.

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